Artisan Series – Sam Michelle

Artisan Series – Sam Michelle

When artist Sam Michelle discovered peonies, a gracious love-affair began. What had been a moment of floral appreciation would soon become a full-time “romance”, as described by the painter herself.

Based south-east of Melbourne, Sam Michelle is known for her stunningly vivid still-life paintings of flowers, nature and beautiful ceramics. Michelle has been full-time for over seven years now, using her masterful eye to capture (and preserve) the beauty of flowers in their everyday moments.

We asked her a couple of questions about her work and inspiration.

Q Tell us about your work. How did you get started?

I am an oil painter and work full time in my beautiful home studio located in Blind Bight (an hour south of Melbourne). I started painting in high school however it wasn't until 7 years ago that I took the leap into painting full time. It was also around this time that I discovered peonies which I solely blame for my romance with flowers and love of still life painting. 


Q How have flowers inspired you?

Flowers have a special ability to brighten up a room or mood. They can remind us of a loved one and evoke nostalgia. I particularly enjoy using flowers to create characters, I use their stems as legs and leaves as arms. Lately I have been inspired by the challenge of painting intricate detailed flowers, such as bearded iris and unique varieties of orchids.


Q What are your favourite flowers or flower memory?

My favourite flower memory is running around my Grandads garden as a child in New Zealand. He created his vast garden from scratch and it has the best tracks and hills to run around and explore. I was able to travel back to NZ recently and my Grandad and I had a lovely time chatting about his garden, how he designed it and his favorite flowers & NZ natives.


Q Do you have any other projects you would like to mention?

I am currently working on a collection which will include NZ landscapes I captured on my recent trip along with NZ native still life paintings. I have some inspiring images of Grandads garden and hope to translate these onto canvas.

Photos by Suzi Appel

Sam will be auctioning off her painting, along with a beautiful arrangement from Flowers Vasette, to Beyond Blue. 

Log onto @flowersvasette instagram on the morning of Friday 17th, where we will cross live with Sam as she shows us her beautiful studio and prepares her painting, then we will touch base again later in the day to see her progress!

Terms and Conditions:

Auction will take place on @flowersvasette instagram

  • Tuesday 21st Sept 2021 starting at 8.00am and ending at 5.00pm and will rollover until the last bid stands for 5min (no sniping).
  • Starting bid amount $500 AUS dollars,
  • You must submit your bid via comment only. All subsequent bids must be submitted as a NEW comment. (No DMs will be accepted).
  • Minimum bid increment $50.
  • Full payment must be received within 24 hrs.
  • Florals can only be delivered in Melbourne.


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