Best of the Best

Best of the Best

We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the Best of the Best again this year.

What is that table decoration, though?  It looks like it's been dug up from the garden.  Exactly!  Here's what we said about our display.

Exposing the dark underbelly of the flower world, Vasette’s specially commissioned sculpture celebrates the essential elements of soil and rock, the very earth from which the flowers bloom forth.

The 1.8 metre sculpture rising from the centre of the table will overflow with flowers and foliage sourced from Vasette’s own bountiful Beechmont garden in Olinda as the very ground beneath our feet takes flight above our heads.

Juxtaposing the earthy mass, delicate shimmering crystal dining ware and candlesticks will sparkle beneath the sculpture, representing mica that exists naturally in soil, the treasure found by those who dig below the surface.

Best of the Best table display

Seen here on our instagram our display is a representation of the bounty of our very own garden, Beechmont.  An eclectic mix of flowers includes water lilies, magnolia, azalea, fuschia, amaranthus and stunning autumn foliages all contained in a specailly commissioned sculpture.

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