Floral Resolutions for 2019

Floral Resolutions for 2019

In the Ancient Olympic Games, winning athletes were awarded a laurel wreath to mark their victory. 

So comes the phrase "to rest on your laurels" - counting past victories as current validation.  

We take this year, (as we head to a significant milestone), as a chance to continue to strive to share the beauty of flowers in the best way possible, to offer the greatest range of flowers, the most beautiful designs, top-notch customer service, with quality uppermost in all we do.

We seek (and grow) the most unique and rare blooms, as well as keeping classic varieties up to date.  At any time, we have a vast selection, we hope the biggest and best in town.

Our florists spur each other on with creativity, inspiration and dedication to their art.

We aim to set the trends others follow, just as we have since we debuted with the never-before-available tropical flower species that made Vasette such a groundbreaking shop when we opened way back in 1989.  

The vast amount of personal experience accrued by our team over the years offers us a unique knowledge base, a wealth of know-how we can offer our clientele.

As the basis for all flower giving, isn't love the key?  We show love when we buy flowers, be it the love for our own home or our love for those we give flowers to.  

Our team are dedicated to honouring this fine and noble tradition of showing love, and will look after you accordingly, with utmost care, respect, kindness and empathy, cherishing the love of giving, thankful to serve this most beautiful of human expressions.

The true beauty that surrounds us is you.  Whatever we can share back with you in the form of floral art and the way we represent it, we will.   

This is our floral resolution for 2019 - 365 days of beauty.


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