Flowers Vasette + HUSK

Flowers Vasette + HUSK

Throughout history men and women have adorned their bodies and homes as a reflection of the health of one's spirit and identity.  Husk celebrates this ceremony, by wandering the world curating exotic, eclectic and artisan inspired treasures.

Their coveted fashion and accessory collections are sourced from far-off and local designers and co-exist with a range of hand crafted homewares, organic herbal teas and sensory products.

The amalgamation of sophisticated bohemian fashion, accessories, artisan objects and eastern inspired food conspire to create a truly unique experience - a place where our customers come to be both inspired and fulfilled and to celebrate our global community's diversity.

And now Flowers Vasette are teaming up with the beautiful Albert Park store for a limited time ... With our most popular works being sold storewide.

Come down and check out the extra beauty Vasette brings to this boutique brand.


123 Dundas Place Albert Park 3206
t 0487 705 654

Mon–Fri 10am–6pm
Sat 9am–5.30pm
Sun 10am–5pm



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