Got Wood?

Got Wood?

Caring for flowers on woody stems, like viburnum, lilac, blossoms (they are so good during the Spring months) is super important in order to get the best life from these species.

Keeping the stems in water is a vital first step. Even a short thirsty time can spell the end for your woodies.  If buying in store, our staff will be delighted to offer you a bucket or water vessel to get your lilac home in.

Trim the ends.  Once home, trim the ends, yes again, even if you were only at the florist shop "a few minutes" ago. Trim with sharp secateurs or florist snips at least a few centimetres up the stem. 

Then the fun part!! Bash the end with your snips or suchlike to release the bark from the  wood itself.  This exposes the sapwood, which is the part of the branch that takes the water up the stem to the tips.  The better the contact between sapwood and water, the better the uptake.

Remove the leaves.  Leaves may siphon vital water away from the flowers and the less competition for the water the better.

Once each stem has been prepared plunge into cool water immediately.  Continue to treat each stem and place in water.  Once all stems are done, arrange in a vase of clean fresh water.

Changing water daily is a great way to prolong the life of all flowers - freshen them up and they'll reward you.

To see the cutest tutorial ever by Marjorie Vangenwitt, click here.  Try not to smile!

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