Hanami - Cherry Blossom Viewing in Melbourne

Hanami - Cherry Blossom Viewing in Melbourne

One of the most delightful flowers of Spring is the iconic Cherry blossom.  Pretty pink and white fragrant blooms dangle on their stems and create clouds of petals floating in the trees, swirling showers of petals in the breeze, carpets of petals beneath the trees. 

Hanami Festivals are hugely popular in Japan, a way to celebrate the onset of warmer weather and to sit with nature and enjoy the simple fleeting pleasures of life. 

Cherry blossom is only in season for a short time.  Its season is seen as representing the fragility, the beauty, the impermanence of life, and the importance of savouring each moment.

 Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens (formerly the National Rhododendron Gardens) is an ideal place to view the blossoms and mid to late September is the time to do it.  It's hard to predict exactly when and for how long the blossoms will be out, but so worth making plans to see them.



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