How to order Valentine's Day flowers

How to order Valentine's Day flowers


A tongue in cheek look at how to get the best results when ordering flowers for Valentine's Day.  Your florist is here to help you, here's how you can be your florist's favourite customer during this busy busy lovefest!


Do - Be early!  Sending flowers the day, the weekend, or the week before Valentine's Day is the best way to get a march on the busy bustle of Valentine's Day.  If you're feeling traditional and want to send flowers on the day itself, try calling and ordering your flowers at least one or two days prior.  You'll get a much better response speaking with a person who is not juggling three customers at once and have some time to go through the best options with you.

Do - Be organised!  Ordering on speakerphone while driving to work may seem like good time management, but maybe not so much if you left that special card message that you wanted to include in your jacket pocket in the back seat.  And your credit cards in your wallet and you haven't memorised it.  And you like that certain design on our website but can't remember what it's called . . .    The best way is to have all the information to hand and transmit it all to the florist in one call.  It's much harder for the florist to park the order, come back to it, add a little bit, call you up later because the courier is approaching and we still haven't got a message and you are now in a meeting . . .

Do - Your research!  Have all the delivery details to hand. (business name, floor or level, contact phone, full address, times your love will be working until ) Know what you want to send.  If you don't know what to send, see point 1 and point 2. 

Much as we love to be of service and help you as much as possible, no florist anywhere wants to hold on the phone with other customers waving bunches of flowers at them while you umm and ahh and try to remember your love's law firm name.  "Muzzell and Rum?  Or is it Rozelle and Drum?  Oh something like that.  It's in Collins Street or maybe Little Collins Street can't you google it for me?"  Helping us help you by having all the relevant details to hand is blissful and will be welcomed by all florists.  "It's a secure building please deliver to the concierge service on Level 11" can smooth the delivery process so much.

Do - Have a message thought out and written out!  Waiting until you call to start composing a Shakespearean sonnet on the fly is maybe too much pressure and can be intimidating and uncomfortable, as well as time consuming!  If in doubt, "I love you" is always a winner.  Don't get embarrassed, we love your love messages!  Please don't call back later with a message.  Complete your entire order in one go.  And please, please don't ring back later to check what you said and if it sounds okay.  Or change it because "Happy Valentine's Day" doesn't sound very original.  And please, please, pretty please don't ring back again to change your message again, this time back to "Happy Valentine's Day".  Please don't do that.  

Do - Be sure of what you want OR listen to the florist's advice.  If the florist recommends it - it's good.  Either it looks particularly fantastic or is in abundance and good value, possibly both!  We want your love to be wowed by our flowers, be delighted with your gesture of love, maybe even post a picture of your gift up onto social media, so we have all our best interests at heart.  Our designs on the online shop have been specially made for this Valentine's Day.  Choose one and be confident it'll look good.  If letting the florist know of your own design preferences, keep it simple with one main focus, and let the florists work their magic to make your bespoke design perfect.

Do - Be prepared to spend money.  The florists are buying flowers at the highest price of the year and that means you will be too.  We grow some, but not all of our own flowers so we have to buy them at the market.  The law of supply and demand means that at this high demand time of year, prices are high.  Just like petrol prices going up for the weekend (every week), so do florist costs go up at this time of year.

Do - go independent!  Chain florists are there and ready to churn out boxes of imported red roses, put together in a factory.  Sure, if you want your Valentine's dinner to be fast food from the drive-thru, this might suit.  But if you are looking for anything else but the seemingly all pervasive floral networks, find a local florist.  One who's not affiliated with one of those major networks.  A little hunting around will pay off.  You'll be dealing directly with the florist who is making your flowers, not a call centre that's juggling a thousand calls a minute.  An independent florist will be able to tell you what they have in store that day that's looking good and take care of your order from initial call to delivery.  These florists have worked hard to create their own aesthetic, they are committed to their design style!  Same goes for ordering online.  Those giant international chains offer the same 'designs' as they have had since 1983, the same all year round, everywhere around the world. . .

Don't - try to shop on the phone as if you were in the store trying to mix and match combinations verbally. Don't wonder aloud what it would be like if you combined Australian native flowers to represent that camping trip to Wilson's Prom, your first holiday together, red roses to show that you know it's Valentines and show your really, really love her, those purple orchids (because she had a plant like that once) - and maybe something yellow to contrast, oh yes, and one bird of paradise to represent you (she calls you her Birdy) and can we include some catnip (from the cat) and some tulips too (because she has them as a screensaver)?  Can we do that?  Would that look good? How much would that be?  That much?  What if we only used 8 tulips instead of 10 would that be cheaper? No catnip?  What if I picked some from the garden and brought it in on Valentine's morning?  This is an example of overthinking, over symbolising, mish-mashing.  Sorry, no offence, but no.  Valentine's Day is not the time to try this out.  Leave it till her birthday.

Don't - try to bargain.  Yes, that is our best price.  No, we're not kidding.   Choose to spend the money or don't, it's up to you, but please don't complain about it if you do.  Resenting the cost of your Valentine's gift isn't setting the tone for a love-fest that night.  They will be worth it.  We hope our flowers will be the best in the office, outshining all the others.  We hope your love will be over the moon, not only with our design, but with your gorgeous gesture of love.  You'll forget the cost, they will never forget your gesture.

Don't  - ring five times per hour asking if the flowers have been delivered yet. They haven't.  If they have your love will ring to say thank you.  Or maybe your love is busy at work and will thank you in person tonight. Be patient. Have faith. We're doing our best.  As is the courier.  The roads are choked with couriers bearing gifts around town.  And just because you haven't heard from your love doesn't mean we have forgotten or missed your order.  We're onto it.  We've got you.  We love you.

Don't - take offense!  We Do offer this advice to help you, although it may be offered with tongue firmly in cheek.  

However you choose to show your love this Valentine's Day, however you care to order, no matter how many times you ring to add or change details, no matter how long you take to decide on the perfect gift, we'll be here to help you make this day special.

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