Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

We love a chance to go wild with our flower designs and Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show gives us a chance to let our creativity run free.

If you didn't make it along to see our large scale floral installation at the Melbourne Exhibition buildings in Carlton, never fear, here's your chance to look at our major event flowers in full colour.

creative floral installation by Flowers Vasette, displayed at Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2019 - pampas grass, ferns, palm and orchids look great at the Royal Exhibition Building

This year we showcased dyed phalaenopsis orchids in varying hues - soft lemon yellows, peach, grey and denim blue.  We chose foliages and accents on this side that have strong natural colouring.  The plummy depth of the smokebush and the glorious celadon green of the dichondra were chosen to tease the viewer with the question of what in this display is natural, and what is, enhanced, shall we say.

The flipside of the arrangement was just as bright as the other side was muted.  Brilliant magenta orchids of several varieties spilt out from a base of grasses, umbels, ferns and palms, all of those being coloured by our florists to build up the natural vs. contrived tension.

Melbourne florist Flowers Vasette display at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2019 bright purple orchids

Of course the flowers are just one component of the overall composition.  Keeping with the trend of the moment, pampas grass was an accent at one end, balanced by flax flower stems at the other.

The organic shapes are integral to the design, big flowing, unstructured arrangements are wildly popular right now, and the sleek and shiny base was chosen to contrast with the creation above.  Not only does the patent black base juxtapose the design, it also reflects it in the glossy surface.

All in all, it was a great chance to have some fun, and we hope you enjoyed our offering.


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