Melbourne Writers Festival 2018

Melbourne Writers Festival 2018

What, you may ask, do we have in common with Melbourne Writers Festival?  (24 August - 2 September) 

Nothing more or less than matters of life and death, is all.

We deal daily with death, funerals and the rituals and floral tributes that mark the end of lives.  Newborns are possibly the greatest cause for floral celebration. Is there a mother in Melbourne who hasn't been the recipient of flowers after the delivery of human life?

From The Melbourne Writers Festival - a matter of life and death -

"For ten days, the Melbourne Writers Festival invites audiences to connect through words, experiences, and what it means to be together, alive."

That's life isn't it?  To connect through words and experiences, to be together.  Can you spare some time to attend this festival?  Which of the many events draws you in?

We've created a floral arrangement inspired by the MWF Planner.  Enjoy.

Beautiful pink and red flowers by Melbourne florist Flowers Vasette, Fitzroy Melbourne

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