Modern Love

Modern Love

It's not long now until one of our biggest days of the year - Valentine's Day, February 14.

This year we take a fresh look at what Valentine's Day means, to us, to you, and on the whole!  There are a lot of traditions and traditional ideas about who sends, what they send and when they send it.  We take this, shake it up, and add a fresh twist.  Modern Love is our Valentine's theme, but what does that involve?


MODERN LOVE  - Is not a one-way street (i.e. just from him to her)

This year we will be creating a range of bouquets, from the traditionally feminine look,  through gender neutral gorgeousness right though to the decidedly rugged.

There are flowers to suit every kind of love,

from Her to Him,

from Her to Her,

Him to Him,

They to Them 

Of course there'll be lots of beautiful choices for Him to send Her. 

We’re all about equality and believe women are powerful and able to do anything – including sending Valentine’s flowers.  And men, you're suave and sophisticated enough to have a bunch of flowers on your desk.  We're well into the 21st Century.  Besides, it's a flirty, flattering kind of fun, you'll love it!


MODERN LOVE - Does not dismiss tradition, but re-invents it.

Modern love does not mean getting rid of tradition, but working it with a twist. The future is born of the past, after all.

Don’t want to send Valentine’s flowers because everyone is doing it? How about getting a leap on the bunch and sending on the 13th?  Lucky for some!! 

Don't want to send red roses?  There's roses in many different shades, no less lovely.  The purity of white, the prettiness of pink, the brightness of yellow and orange.

Want your flowers to avoid red and avoid roses at all?  We can help you there.  In fact, many of our callers and visitors to our shop and online store are looking for that alternative bunch.  That gorgeous arrangement that doesn't have a single rose in it, red or otherwise! We've got you covered. Of course you can buy red roses from us, but there's a world of other choices too.


MODERN LOVE - Comes in many different forms.

Of course Romantic Love, and all that goes with it is the focus of Valentine's day.  But there are so many other loves in this world. In the past we've had people sending flowers on Valentine's Day to people they love, not just romantically.  From a group of daughters to their mum, from one single flatmate to another - no need for a lover to feel special here girlfriend! and from young students (via their mum) to that favourite teacher.  We've seen so many surprising and inventive ways of showing love at this time of year, it's inspiring.  Love is love is love, and love is all.


MODERN LOVE - Is not afraid to express itself.

Just because a lot of other people are buying their lover’s flowers and celebrating romance, the Modern Lover doesn’t ride away on their high horse, because the Modern Lover knows the only moment we have is now, this moment!  Besides, no-one wants to leave their lover with FOMO. 

Here’s a little something we’ve found out – people who are reluctant to send flowers on Valentine’s day are often reluctant to send flowers FULL STOP.


MODERN LOVE  - Delights in the unexpected.

Be the trailblazer.  Sending pre-Valentine's flowers is one of the best ways we know to surprise and delight your lover.  Forward thinking, being a few steps ahead of the pack, these are certainly loveable qualities, sure to win extra admiration from the lucky recipient.   Other advantages include getting the best flowers before they sell out and beating the busy busy week of Valentine's Day.  

Whether you send flowers on the 13th (lucky for some!) or the weekend before, your love will love you all the more for being ahead of the 8 ball, you over-achiever you!  And why stop at flowers?  Take the opportunity to spoil all your lover's senses.  A flower filled house, chocolates, bubbles, background music, candlelight, devices turned off for the night . . .   Now there's a truly delightful surprise.

We look forward to helping you with the perfect Valentine's gift for your love.

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