Flowers Vasette’s incredible floral displays for the NGV Gala have been inspired by design principles of the iconic House of Dior.

Christian Dior loved gardens and found great inspiration in all flowers - the shape, delicacy and symbolism of the flower itself.  This love has continued through to the present day; current Artistic Director Maria Grazia-Chiuri’s most recent collection evoked an ethereal garden party.

Opulent, flowing, strongly feminine, the elaborate floral displays for the NGV Gala comprise over 30,000 stems of flowers in shades of pink from the palest blush through to deep burgundy.

Preparations took over 3 months – with all flowers sourced from local growers who have raised blooms from seed especially for this event.

The installation took 20 Flowers Vasette staff working around the clock for a full 48 hours on site at the NGV 

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