We've supported same-sex marriage for many a long year,  providing flowers for "commitment ceremonies" back in the days when same-sex marriage was illegal!!!  In 2013, we took to the streets to interact with the fine folk of Melbourne and demonstrate our support of Equal Love.  

Did you know Australia was the last English speaking country in the world to allow same-sex couples the right to marry? Back in the not-too-distant past, the law was actually changed to specify that marriage was exclusively "between a man and a woman". Today, the situation is different. finally, love is love and marriage is marriage - between two people who love each other. 

We love love and creating fabulous floral memories for all happy couples. 

Do you know what we did last Summer? We created florals for Rob and Kieren including sweet boutonnieres for the grooms and floral collars for their beloved furry friends.  Woof!

This Winter, we created a dramatic installation for the launch of Homme and Femme, a dedicated same-sex wedding planner, catering for the most discerning clientele.  Inspired by the rich and woody tones of Chapter House, we embraced colour tones not normally associated with weddings - dramatic blacks, burgundies, beiges and browns.  Why it gotta be white?  Textures also featured, with moss, grasses, berries and branches making just as much of a statement as the flowers themselves.


wedding installation stage display


Ceiling installations - clouds of gypsophila, dyed in freshly brewed tea for custom colour, then dried  for a week before heading off to the venue and being suspended on high. Look out, it's raining glamour!!


ceiling s


With cocktails from The Everleigh (our round the corner neighbour and favourite spot for a sneaky sazerac) and food from the incomparable Vue de Monde, the guests were very well looked after indeed!


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