Things We Love Thursday

Things We Love Thursday

Considering the amount of indoor time we have been having of late, we imagined a floral fantasy world, with vases of flowers and pictures of beautiful flowers and floral cushions and lots of lovely floral wallpaper too!  Wallpaper is having a renaissance and what gorgeous designs one can find.

amazing flowers Melbourne

Can you imagine the extravagance of hand painted wallpaper?  Just wow.  We were amazed when we saw these gorgeous designs from De Gournay.  

floral wall

One for the lovers of classic 60's and 70's retro print wallpapers, Florence Broadhurst sent walls wild with her bold prints, floral and geometric.  We love the poppy print, it certainly makes the eyes popl

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Step back a little further in time to find this fabulous floral-on-fawn fantasy from Fornasetti.  This design also comes with bolder colours on a black background.  Well, would you ever?!?! For more visual stimulation, this way please.

beautiful flowers best florist

Finally, a little something from us!  This floral wall was created for our award winning MIFGS display this year.  We're quite fond of this as a wallpaper for our computers and phones.  We're thinking about providing you, dear customer, with a seasonal selection of wallpapers for your technology.  Interested?  Email us and let us know!

massed flowers Melbourne

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