Tulips gonna tulip!

Tulips gonna tulip!

At this time of year we get so many varieties of tulips from far and wide.  Some are upright, some have double petals, some have ruffles and some are parrots – multi-coloured blooms with textured (crinkly) petals.

Very few varieties of tulips will sit upright in a vase as would, say,  a rose, with the head perkily atop a long straight stem.

Most tulips will continue to grow and move once you get them home and into their vase. They will duck and weave, stretch and drape, but don’t despair, this does not mean your tulips are “dying” or “wilting."  This is their nature.  

Rather than than drooping, your tulips are swooping!  Like graceful birds coming to land. Sit back and enjoy the show your tulips provide.

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