Which Goddess Archetype is your Mum?

Which Goddess Archetype is your Mum?

Mother's Day is on Sunday May 12th and it has got us wondering..  Which Goddess Archetype is your Mum? 

Inspired by her Greek heritage, and a cultural history rich with stories of the Gods, Goddesses and their interactions with the mortals here on earth, Cherrie Miriklis-Pavlou chose the names of Goddesses for Flowers Vasette's new range of scented candles. Each candle symbolises an archetype - which scent suits your Mum?

Mother's Day gift ideas, perhaps say it with flowers and a candle? But which one? 

For the lover - of the arts, of beauty, of love itself, we present Aphrodite.

Scented with red rose, the symbol of romance. Paired with the soft scent of geranium; once you've brushed past a geranium plant in the garden, the scent will linger with you, evoking the natural beauty and creativity present in all gardens. Possibly the most beautiful of all flowers, the peony, adds another layer of depth to this tempting scent.

Aphrodite will be a spiritual companion and guide, her loving manner melts cares, transforms the everyday into the wonderful.

For the nature lover, the wilderness wanderer, we present Artemis.

Scented with jasmine, the blissfully boisterous vine that no city can tame! Smoothed with soothing aloe, green, glossy and grounding, healing and luscious. Grand magnolia, the gracious tree symbolises the forest, and fragrances this candle with a white floral scent, redolent of summer nights under a canopy of leaves.

Artemis is practical and adventurous, she protects and regenerates the earth. Serenely illuminating the peace within and offering reconnection with our spirit.

For the wise woman, the fearless leader, the champion of the right and just, we present Athena.

Figs, the democratic tree that lives in rich soil or poor, on rocky mountain or by flowing river, across continents from east to west, represents all humanity and the nourishment of knowledge. Green leaves represent the sheltering qualities of this Goddess and call to mind the laurel wreaths crowning victorious ancient Olympians. Bergamot, herbal and harmonious finished the trio of green scents in this candle.

Skilful and strategic, Athena represents women inspired to lead, to create, to rule! She lights our inner knowledge, connects us to our destiny.

For the Earth Mother, the nurturing carer, the generous giver, we present Demeter.

Scented with Pomelo, the largest and one of the oldest, original citrus varieties to represent Earth's bountiful harvest. Neroli, extracted from orange blossom, calms the mind and relieves stress, a balm for the senses. The green soapy tang of cilantro rounds out this sweet and soothing scent.

Kind and gentle, Demeter symbolises Mother Earth, who provides all nourishment, physical, mental and emotional. Feel her warmth, generosity and patience.

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