Winter Blooms

Winter Blooms

At Flowers Vasette, some of our favourite flowers bloom during the colder months of the year.

We adore Winter flower varieties as they ignite our senses and allow us to enjoy the beauty of nature in our homes at this coldest time of year.

We have curated some of our most popular Winter flower varieties..

Tulips are one of our favourite Winter flowers because their beautiful silhouette brings an artful romance and sophisticated movement to the arrangements we create. As one of the most well recognised Winter bulb flower varieties, there are over 6,000 cultivars of Tulips, which include the classic goblet shape, the double petalled varieties and the Parrot species which have delicate, feathery edged petals.

Group divine masses of tulips together for maximum impact, or include them in an arrangement to create moments of delightful dancing whimsy.


One of the most fragrant Winter bulb varieties, Hyacinths are sweetly perfumed and available in a range of beautiful colours from white, lemon & peach through to deep pink, pastel pink & blue. Once upon a time Hyacinths were relatively bare stems with minimal florets, but overtime, they have been bred into the full flowered stalks which are covered in dense clusters of delicate, star like blooms, which we know and love today.

Flowering Magnolia
It’s easy to see why the Flowering Magnolia is one of our most popular Winter varieties. This magnificent tree produces an abundance of bold blooms with a beautiful, delicate fragrance. With resplendently long branches, the Flowering Magnolia is best suited to taller arrangements to create dramatic height.
Architectural stems create an awe inspiring seasonal display when arranged in a vase on their own. Once the blooms have perished, you can remove spent blooms and style the bare branches in a vase with some green foliage or tulips en masse for a winter inspired look that embraces the season.

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