You've gotta have heart

You've gotta have heart

Who doesn't love a good selfie? And a good selfie opportunity is a great thing to stumble across.  Unless you're on a cliff edge.  In which case don't stumble, be very very careful. 

But there's no chance of falling here, not counting falling in love of course, that may happen! To celebrate Valentine's day, we've created a heartful of hearts mural.  Just for fun, for love's sake, to add some brightness to the street and maybe for a cute photo op!

We caught the interest of passers-by and tried to get as many people as possible involved in the creation of our mural.  Love is best when it's shared around, after all.  

Hope you enjoy this preview and we do hope you'll pop past and grab a selfie, make sure to tag us #vasettevalentine so we can share your shots on social media.


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