Billecart Salmon Rosé Champagne


Billecart’s Non Vintage Rosé Champagne pours well with a white frothy mousse that displays good hold. Light salmon pink base wine colour with a very fine bead that shows excellent persistence. The nose exhibits scents of winter strawberry, subtle rose petal and delicate raspberry followed by some light confectionary and yeast lees nuances. On the palate delicate winter strawberry and raspberry flavours are overlaid by some yeast lees characters and a touch of biscuit. Excellent finesse. Clean crisp dry finish with creamy like mouthfeel. Long aftertaste of yeast lees and winter strawberry.

Please note our Liquor License prohibits the selling of alcohol as a sole purchase and therefore must be purchased with flowers, hampers or chocolates.

Alc 12.0%

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Care & Maintenance

Floral varieties and colour ways may vary due to seasonal availability. A couple of tips to increase longevity of your flowers:

  • On receiving your flowers, be sure to trim their stems (2cm) on a 45-degree angle prior to placing them in their vase.
  • Flowers consume a lot of water.  It is important to ensure they always have two thirds of the case full.
  • As flowers are susceptible to bacteria build up, please change their water every two days and fresh cut their stems.
  • Use sharp scissors when trimming their stems to avoid damaging the tissue / cells are the base.
  • By keeping your flowers out of direct sunlight and heat, you will be ensuring their longevity, as they will mature quickly when exposed to heat and light.