FV’s Goddess Inspired Range of Candles


Which Goddess archetype are you?

Artemis is Goddess of nature and the wilderness. Practical and adventurous, she protects and regenerates the earth. Serenely illuminating peace within and offering reconnection with our spirit.

Artemis Scented candle is White Jasmine infused with Aloe and Magnolia

Demeter, Goddess of the earth and its fruitful harvest.Kind and gentle, she symbolises Mother Earth, who provides all nourishment, physical, mental and emotional. Feel her warmth, generosity and patience.

Demeter scented candle is fragranced with Pomelo Grapefruit infused with Neroli and Cilantro.

Athena, Goddess of courage, wisdom and justice. Athena: Fig, Green Leaves & Bergamot scented candleAthena, Goddess of courage, wisdom and justice.

Skilful and strategic, she represents women inspired to lead, to create, to rule! She lights our inner knowledge, connects us to our destiny.

Athena scented candle is redolent of Fresh Fig with Green Leaves and Bergamont

Vasette candles are completely custom blended. Our oils are a blend of the highest quality perfume-grade fragrance and essential oils. We take great care to ensure the utmost quality and care is maintained from each and every Vasette candle, from safety to scent throw and burn times. We work with makers that adore their craft, not machines, and we believe that translates into the care and energy of each and every candle.

Our candles are hand mixed, and hand poured in Australia, using only the highest quality 100% natural soy wax. Our soy wax is completely biodegradable, free from pesticides, herbicides and genetical modified materials. Soy won’t release toxins or harm the environment, and it burns cleaner, cooler and longer than its evil petro-chemical cousin, paraffin, or some of the other inexpensive blends on the market. All our wicks are 100% lead-free cotton to ensure both a safe and stable burn. Our vessels themselves are coloured from the outside, ensuring no part of the flame ever comes in to contact with the jar or paint, but also makes them a sustainable choice, allowing the consumer to re-use the jar beyond the life of the candle.

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Care & Maintenance

Floral varieties and colour ways may vary due to seasonal availability. A couple of tips to increase longevity of your flowers:

  • On receiving your flowers, be sure to trim their stems (2cm) on a 45-degree angle prior to placing them in their vase.
  • Flowers consume a lot of water.  It is important to ensure they always have two thirds of the case full.
  • As flowers are susceptible to bacteria build up, please change their water every two days and fresh cut their stems.
  • Use sharp scissors when trimming their stems to avoid damaging the tissue / cells are the base.
  • By keeping your flowers out of direct sunlight and heat, you will be ensuring their longevity, as they will mature quickly when exposed to heat and light.