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Style Your Way

Peonies. We are all sure to know someone (if not ourselves) whose favourite flower is the stunning peony.

They are incomparable in just about every way – abuzz with the joys that come with Spring. Peonies are unique, and it seems that we aren’t the only ones who think so.

Their popularity just continues to grow. As a symbol for love, wealth and honour, peonies are a delightful flower that can be tailored to suit many different occasions.

They make the perfect gift or statement at home, and always bring a moment of joy and luxury to the lucky recipient!

There is so much to love about peonies – they offer an abundance in colour (think white, lemon yellow, pale pink, and bright or moody reds), charming silhouettes and always offer a subtle, sweet fragrance.

We are bursting with excitement here at Flowers Vasette as we welcome the change of seasons and are teased by warm, long days.

Spring is so close, which can only mean flower fridges filled to the brim with the very best blooms of the season. And this, after all, means peonies!

Aside from their incredible beauty and bold colours, what truly sets peonies apart is their short flowering season.

With just a few months to enjoy peonies from mid-to-late October through to December, peonies are exquisite and never commonplace.

To celebrate the impending peony season, we thought that there was no better way to show you how to style your peonies at home.

Modern? Romantic? Muted or abundant. Let us show you how to champion your peonies.

Peonies are versatile and work well in a large assortment of vessels. Due to their variety in colour, they truly suit a range of colour palettes and styles. They are a perfect flower to make a luxury statement in a mixed floral arrangement, or are always gorgeous when styled en masse. Visit us online or in store to purchase your peonies.