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Australian Natives

Australian natives – the resilient jewels of our tough climate.

Long-lasting. Abundant. Versatile. Structural. Vibrant.

Or even sometimes, subdued. Most of all, they are on-trend. Whilst this isn’t necessarily breaking news, it is, however, the perfect excuse to celebrate them!

Natives have at times in the past received a bad rap. Not for their beauty, it seems, but for their dull and improper styling. Not here at Flowers Vasette! Looking back at some of the fabulous work our floral artists have created using natives, it is not hard to appreciate the versatility of these incredible blooms.

With a scale that is second-to-none and unusual foliage and florals to match – there really is nothing quite like Australian natives.

Due to their sturdy natural environment, many Australian natives are long-lasting when picked and will dry beautifully over time.

This makes them a great flower to purchase for home, an event, a corporate space, or even send as a gift – knowing that they will do well in many environments.

Be it heated or cold, in a dark corner or bright window, natives are a reliable choice that will always promise to create a lovely vignette. What’s almost better is that Australian natives are easy to style yourself.

Their structure and volume mean that they hold well in a variety of vessels or vases – meaning that you can almost plonk them in anything you’ve got at home, and they will still look glorious.

Australian natives offer a subtlety in scent (natural and fresh, or sometimes no perfume at all). This makes them easy to enjoy, as they won’t overwhelm a space with a fragrance, but instead pepper it with a beautiful aroma. If that isn’t enough to inspire you to select natives as your next floral choice, take a look through these incredible arrangements and work from our team at Flowers Vasette. We love to champion each and every bloom and that is no different with natives!