Giving back to the earth that gives us so much

At Flowers Vasette we believe the pursuit to be a sustainable florist is an ongoing journey. We are committed to improving our efforts of sustainable floristry with every day that we are given to work in this incredible industry.

Flowers Vasette founder, Cherrie Miriklis, is the proud owner of Beechmont Garden Retreat, a working production farm located 55kms outside of Melbourne in the nearby town of Olinda. Beechmont and Flowers Vasette operate cyclically. Beechmont supplies produce to our florists to create with, and is also the recipient of the green waste generated at our Creative Studio in Melbourne.

The work between art and nature – between Flowers Vasette and Beechmont Garden Retreat – offers a continuing commitment to maintaining and improving the natural environment. Our gardeners and florists are always striving for best practice, from creating through to composting.

What’s more, Beechmont has a worm farm and beehives, both effective pursuits towards a more sustainable future. Worm farms are beneficial for their composting abilities. The natural germination that occurs within a worm farm means that Beechmont’s gardens are ‘fed’ with the premier ingredients that guarantee fertile soil. The beehives that are also kept on site are another measure to ensure the pollination and protection of our natural environments, working to maintain prosperity of future farming for our lifetime and beyond.


Green waste is an inevitable by-product of floristry – as stems are trimmed and excess foliage clipped to suit the aesthetic desires and designs of the customer. However, rest assured that these trimmings are not left without purpose.

At Flowers Vasette, we are committed to achieving best practices when it comes to sustainability. Having the pleasure of working with nature and all of its beauty similarly comes with responsibility. We are always seeking to minimise our impact upon the environment, minimising waste and making use of the lifecycle of nature.

First and foremost, we believe in taking small actions to generate greater change. We select organic or biodegradable alternatives whenever and wherever feasible. From the simple measures of using string to tie our florals, or our commitment to using wire as an alternative to floral foam wherever possible, Flowers Vasette are determined to achieve more sustainable floristry.

We compost all greenwaste that comes through Flowers Vasette at Beechmont Garden Retreat. Our head gardener Mark works alongside other gardeners from our Flowers Vasette team to ensure that the damaged or unused product is rematerialised into nature.

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” – John Ruskin

It is here that Flowers Vasette’s dedication to sustainability is realised. Flowers Vasette continues to strive to both reduce this waste and to ensure that the waste that is produced is destined for better use. That’s why each week, Beechmont Garden Retreat receives these trimmings and unloved foliage to be composted.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sourcing Local Sustainable Flowers
Reducing our Carbon Footprint
Minimising Packaging & Waste

At Flowers Vasette we are passionate about contributing to important causes – wishing to support, assist, empower, and give back to individuals, the community, and that which calls beyond.

In recognising the power of flowers to inspire hope, to bring unity, and to deliver joy, Flowers Vasette seek to give generously, often.

The soul of Flowers Vasette is fulfilled by the act of giving. Sharing is a simple gesture that generates great joy, often beyond comprehension.

How Flowers Vasette gives back

We recognise the great privilege we have to work with flowers, every day. Flowers speak a language of their own, delivering warmth, inspiring hope and carrying a promise of unity.

Flowers Vasette donates to a variety of charities, supporting those within our own local area and beyond. Flowers Vasette support causes for health, the eradication of disease, disaster relief and not-for-profit organisations pursuing sustainability.

Flowers Vasette work closely with the Epworth Foundation, the Cancer Council and Ovarian Cancer Australia. We are committed to our local community, raising funds through the sale of our flowers and philanthropic donations to assist people and places that simply need aid.

We are always looking to support causes and people that need help – exceeding expectations not because we have to but because we want to.

Epworth Medical Foundation
Ovarian Cancer Australia