Flowers Vasette are inspired to foster creativity in the world of today and for the people of tomorrow. That’s why we’ve introduced our very own education program.

Offering 30 years of experience in the floral industry, with visionary Cherrie Miriklis at the helm, the team at Flowers Vasette are honoured to know a fair bit about flowers.

Cherrie Miriklis is constantly inspired by the dynamism of the floral industry and is devoted to ensuring the authenticity of its art is maintained. Cherrie seeks to share her passion and extend her mentorship to any florist or grower wishing to upskill. As someone who has watched and helped shape the evolution of the floral industry, Cherrie Miriklis finds beauty in every step of the process.

Education offerings

At Flowers Vasette, we believe that a skill worthwhile is a skill shared.

Flowers Vasette are committed to sharing a flair for innovative design and devotion toward exceptional quality blooms, and therefore seek to offer education, advice and support for those wishing to learn more.

Our florists and team want to continue the experience of joy that flowers bring onto their recipients. Follow along all of our platforms to receive tips on floral care, garden maintenance and arranging flowers at home.

Flowers Vasette are also happy to offer advice for apprenticeships for floristry and certificates in horticulture, ensuring everyone has access to gaining world-class industry knowledge.

Watch this space as there is more to come…