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In Bloom: Mother’s Day Floral Masterclasses


We warmly welcome you to join us at our 2024 Mother’s Day Floral Masterclass. A series of four floral masterclasses will be held from Saturday, May 4th – Sunday, May 5th at The Hive, our beautiful event space above our Fitzroy Flagship.

Each masterclass will provide guests with the opportunity to learn from our inspiring floral artisans how to create magnificent floral centrepieces, perfect for your next celebration or dinner party.

This masterclass series will celebrate Mothers and equally, those who have guided and supported us. We invite you to purchase tickets for you and a loved one – it will be a wonderful moment to share together and with others in this intimate creative series.

Tickets to our 2024 Mother’s Day Floral Masterclass series can be purchased here.

Mother's Day workshops in Melbourne
Mother's Day workshops in Melbourne