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Embracing Sustainability


The symbiosis between art and nature is embedded in sustainability.

Sustainability: the degree to which a process or enterprise is able to be maintained or continued while avoiding the long-term depletion of natural resources. That is sustainability, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary.

Undoubtedly a buzz word, sustainability is nonetheless of primary interest to almost anyone you ask. Even more so at iconic Melbourne florist, Flowers Vasette. Having lead the Melbourne floral-scape for over 30 years, Flowers Vasette is an institution—it is trusted for its incredible creativity and innovation and boasts a long list of longstanding, high-profile clients.

Achieving this status has been the result of many things, but none less so than owner Cherrie Miriklis’ dedication to sourcing the highest quality produce for her clients—and for the hands of her talented, hard-working team.

What may be little less known, however, is where in fact Flowers Vasette’s impeccable and often beautifully unusual natural produce comes from. Aside from the plethora of floral growers in the industry – much of the differentiating pieces used by Flowers Vasette come from their very own farm, by the name of Beechmont Garden Retreat.

This picture depicts a gardener dealing with green waste. His hands are buried in a pile of mulch.