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Our top picks for house flowers this summer


Love flowers? Us too!

Wanting to fill your home with fresh, beautiful cut-stem blooms every week or fortnight? Are you after exquisite flowers of supreme quality? You can rest assured that you have come to the right place! For Melbourne’s best and most beautiful blooms, you can always trust in Flowers Vasette.

How do you like your flowers? Gifted or gift-to-self? Fresh cut blooms or dried natives? Do you find yourself drawn to fragrant pretties, or bold, unscented statements? Whatever you might like – from traditional to contemporary flowers, from petite to magnificent floral installations – Flowers Vasette love every flower, and love creating them to be delivered to someone’s home.

There are usually two schools of thought for house flowers. Either you often have them just because, or you are entertaining at home, and want to bring your space alive with florals!

Flowers Vasette are always available to create your unique flower arrangement for home, to any budget and to any style request. We do, however, understand the great joy you find in styling flowers your own for home, all by yourself! That is, after all, why we do what we do, every day.