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Lilac: The heroine of Spring


Sweet dreams are made of lilac.

Deliciously sweet, cheerful, fragrant and fleeting. It is a terrible cliché when they say you-don’t-know-what-you’ve-got-til-its-gone, but one that only makes sense when it comes to the darling, effervescent flowers that we know so well: lilacs.

Lilac is as bold as it is shy. Flush and in bloom for two glorious weeks of spring, it soon vanishes, and leaves its admirers longing for its return. Lilac flowers annually, and in a variety of colours. Its namesake, lilac, is the most fragrant of the flower. However, it similarly blooms in swatches of purple, a soft blue, and of course, the timeless white.

She is perfect to arrive home to and a welcome fragrance to have perching at the front door. What’s more, a simple, small posy of these indulgent blooms on your bedside table or bathroom sink is often more than enough.

If you have a space that needs beauty, whether that be small or large, trust the beautiful lilac flowers to be your answer.