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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley. Utter perfection.

Lily of the valley is Mother Nature’s magic and a treasure of any floral wonderland. No bloom shares such a subtle or delightful perfume. Albeit a florist’s promise-to-never-pick-a-favourite, lily of the valley sits in a realm of her own.

Anyone privy to the sheer beauty of lily of the valley can understand why her early spring arrival brings audible gasps.

This stunning, simple and understated flower envelopes the joy of nature in its bell-shaped petal form.

A woodland flower native to the northern hemisphere, lily of the valley is delicate and the bloom-time fleeting.

Lily of the valley is fairylike – the exquisite flower is rare, demure and hard not to love!

What is more, the lily of the valley season is fleeting. One moment you are relishing in its splendour, and the next, it is gone! You can expect to see lily of the valley available at the beginning of September and only for a few weeks.

Lily of the valley is a symbol of purity and humility. Most of all, lily of the valley is a symbol of happiness. It seems only fitting upon its spring arrival – these little blooms carry the excitement of the new season and the promise of warmer weather.

What’s better, their petite size makes the cut-stems of lily of the valley so easy to style. They are arguably most striking when presented alone, and look effortless in any short, narrow vase.

Lily of the valley is perfect when dotted along a dining table or mantelpiece, or better yet, perched on a bedside table. Wherever they find themselves, lily of the valley will always carry bliss.

Treat yourself, or a loved one, to these glorious and ephemeral spring delights. Bask in their modest beauty and let the sweet fragrance dance around you. Enjoy their exceptional beauty while you can and spend the rest of the year awaiting their return! You can thank (or blame) us later.