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Our Founder and Visionary Cherrie Miriklis

The magic of Flowers Vasette began in early 1989.

On a bustling and spirited Brunswick Street, at the heart of Melbourne’s bohemian identity, a young Cherrie Miriklis saw an opportunity. From the doors of her parents’ greengrocer, Cherrie opened her first flower stall; wanting to make high-quality, fresh-cut flowers accessible and available to everyone.

Enamoured by the beauty of fresh blooms and their unwavering capacity to bring joy to their beholders, Cherrie’s vision for Flowers Vasette only grew.

In business for over 30 years, Flowers Vasette has not only evolved, but flourished. Cherrie’s creative flair has continually inspired magnificence to the people around her; encouraging her team of floral artists to continually innovate, whilst maintaining a deep sense of gratitude for the incredible growers who make it all possible.

May flowers forever line the pathway of a beautiful life.

As a visionary for the arts, Cherrie has transcended her Brunswick Street beginnings and elevated Australia’s entire floral industry to the world stage. Yet, whilst Flowers Vasette boasts an astonishing list of achievements – with a long-standing and expansive list of high-profile clients – Cherrie’s humble nature has never changed.

Hardworking, unpretentious and generous-to-a-fault, Cherrie has consistently sought to bring the splendour of flowers to all. Cherrie’s nurturing nature and peerless talent has seen a generation of creatives inspired and empowered. With her steadfast approach, Cherrie has established a love for flowers amongst individuals and communities, beyond that which she could have ever imagined.

When not up at 2:30am at the flower market, or in the glorious, brimming fridges of blooms at Flowers Vasette, Cherrie is a proud mother to her son, Cosi. The love Cherrie has for Cosi is unbounded, and he, her greatest achievement. Cherrie is a dear friend to many, and a distinguished member of the Melbourne community. Cherrie gives often, with a strong interest in education and mentorship, support for women’s health and mental health, and the constant pursuit for improved sustainability. In her (rare) downtime, Cherrie takes delight in gardening, interior design, local travel, and sharing time with family, friends and the Greek community.

Ultimately, Cherrie Miriklis is a dynamo, who we, at Flowers Vasette, are beyond grateful to be led by. Whilst Flowers Vasette has pivoted with every challenge, continually transforming to meet the needs of its customers, one thing has always remained: its promise to enable the beauty of flowers to be accessible and affordable, to every one.