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The Glorious Peony


Blink and you might just miss them.

Ah, the glorious peony. A fan favourite for many a reason – from their fabulous colours to their stunning silhouettes – you can always rely on the exquisite peony.

Whilst their season might be short, there is little doubt as to why these bright, billowing beauties are so well loved. As we eagerly await their mid-Spring arrival, we thought it might be helpful to get to know the humble peony.

Take a read below to learn of the peony’s origins, symbols, misconceptions (gasp!) and most importantly, how to care for your peonies at home (and maximise every moment of their beauty!). Peonies, named after their genus Paeonia, are typically native to the northern hemisphere.

They are one of the oldest recorded flowers in Eastern culture, with origins in China dating back to over 1000BC. The peony was elected as the national flower of China by the Qing Dynasty in 1903. Although it no longer holds title of China’s national flower, its royal history has only enhanced the luxury status of these beauties.

The peony is a hallmark flower, marking many important occasions within their fleeting blooming season.


The peony is a symbol of many things, including love, honour and wealth. With their lovely meaning, sheer beauty and as a signpost for the stunning change of seasons, it is no surprise that the popularity of a peony only continues to grow.

The peony comes in a large variety of colours, ranging between white, lemon yellow, pale pink, rich red and a deep, moody burgundy.

With such a selection of colours and a stunning life cycle, the peony is just as unique as it is versatile. Starting off as a tight bud atop gorgeous green foliage, the best of their bloom is yet to come.

Here at Flowers Vasette, we truly love every stage of a peony in flower. Take for example, the Coral Charm variety. These beauties are a crowd pleaser for a reason. Starting off a beautiful musk-like pink, you will notice the colours change as the flower opens.

The petals will swell to reveal a bright orange centre. The pink of the petals will deepen too. Before long, this pink will fade to a divine sunset orange, and then yellow, and will finally fade out to white. Whatever the colour or variety, peonies are an incredible flower to get creative with.

They are always beautiful styled en masse, or as part of a mixed arrangement. No matter what way you choose, have no doubt that they will bring delightful abundance to any space and soon become the star of the show!

But you must be quick! The peony season is short. As with any flower, the season fluctuates. You can typically expect to see peonies flowering from early October and lasting through to December.

Here at Flowers Vasette, we are lucky enough to source the best quality peonies available – all the way from across the world to our own backyard. You might even notice peonies available for purchase at Vasette out of season. These beauties have been imported from China and Europe, and despite being from overseas, they bloom beautifully. Otherwise, we love to support our local growers when the mid-Spring season arrives – and bring you the best flowers we can get our hands on.

If this hasn’t been enough to convince you that peonies are worth their weight in gold, we can even suggest ways to prolong their life at home. To care for your peonies, be sure to give them a fresh cut on a 45 degree angle the second you get them home to clean water. Change this water daily and give them a cut each time too.

Visit us online, give us a call, or pop in store to find your favourite peony. We love them and would love to help you.

Welcome the Spring and all its beauty with peonies! The pick of the season.