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How to revive wilting hydrangea’s

How to revive wilting hydrangea’s

You already know how much we love a hydrangea, each luscious floral sphere inviting wonder and love for its web of delicate blooms. All coming together to create a showstopping explosion of colour.

Pinks, purples, and blues that are both bright and rich are guaranteed to bring joy into any home.

However, lovers of cut flowers may have noticed hydrangeas tend to be the first to wilt in an arrangement well before you are ready to say goodbye to them. Before you go throwing them away, cut hydrangeas simply ask for some extra care to keep them in the gorgeous condition that we love them for!

The name hydrangea as we use it today has its origins in the Greek prefix ‘hydr-’ meaning water and ‘angion’ meaning vessel. The botanist Linnaeus named the flower a “water vessel” in honour of the bowl-like shape the flower takes.  A hydrangea’s petals’ power as a water vessel, is one that can be harnessed to great effect!

The woody stem of a hydrangea contains saps and processes that create extra work for the flowers to take in their much-needed water. Therefore, the hydrangea will employ its marvellous talent of taking in moisture through its petals!

In addition to Flowers Vasette’s everyday flower care tips, these hydrangea-specific tips will help ensure your flowers last as long as possible.


Simply submerge your hydrangea bloom in cold tap water. You can do this in a bowl, sink, bucket, or whatever you have at hand.

Keep your flowers submerged for a few hours or until they begin to come to life again. Those that are particularly wilted will need longer in the water than those that are not, just be sure to monitor their progress in the water until you feel satisfied with the state of the blooms. In no time your beautiful hydrangeas will be thanking you for the drink with full, luscious vases!