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The Humble Hydrangea

They’re timeless and yet on trend. Romantic yet masculine. A flower of luxury, with a nostalgic modesty. A feature in many a sprawling garden or even the smallest city balcony. They bloom in a variety of colours, are impressive in size, and always offer foliage to match. An understated beauty that we simply cannot have enough of.

Have you guessed it yet? Of course, it just must be the hydrangea!

With origins in Japan, the hydrangea has since been cultivated throughout the world for centuries. Popular across Asia, North America and of course, Australia—hydrangeas come in a variety of colours and offer significantly large blooms when cut from a mature, well-nurtured plant.

Pink, purple, green and white. All the colours! Small, medium to enormously large! Rounded flowers to conical towers! Foliage that is bright, light, lime and leafy, or that which is deep and green and speckled with burgundy. With such variety in style and colour, there really is no creative brief, palette or crowd the hydrangea can’t please.




Hydrangeas provide a delightful balance between statement and simplicity and have carried this understated beauty throughout time. As an unscented flower, the hydrangea is very suitable to many environments. From the corporate client who needs beauty without fragrance, or to the bride who wants a timeless floral in harmony with their event – the hydrangea is the flower to match.

When it comes to styling at home, it is made even easier. Hydrangeas are delightful in a bouquet arrangement, or even more-so en masse. Their woody stems, generous foliage and flower size make them easy to get creative with. They will stand well in a vase and need little manoeuvring, as their natural structure fills the vessel, and their beauty speaks for itself.

It seems the hydrangea has avoided the hot-to-not trend – where some other blooms might find themselves on-trend one season and off-the-beat the next – the humble hydrangea has stood the test of time. Style your way at home with our cut hydrangeas or call us to organise an arrangement for any occasion. We love all blooms and are always excited to help!