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Our purpose

Our Purpose is to see the unexpected beauty in all nature’s gifts and to create, offer and share these with our customers, friends and the wider Flowers Vasette Family.

Flowers Vasette opened in 1989 on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. What formed in a young Cherrie Miriklis’ imagination, whilst selling flowers after school from outside her parents' green grocery store nearby, was to become a vision splendid.

Over 29 years, Flowers Vasette has become the largest floral and events business of its kind in Australia. Developing strong relationships between specialist flower growers around Australia and internationally, our store has a unique abundance of colourful, fresh flowers and quality plants of outstanding diversity.

We’re delighted to contribute to unforgettable memories of happiness and we truly understand the sensitivities during times of sadness. We are committed to bringing the gift of the beauty of flowers to every occasion.

Flowers Vasette holds partnerships with exclusive venues and businesses within Australia.

Flowers Vasette is much admired and spoken of in elite terms amongst stand-out florists across Australia. We have received awards from within the industry, winning Gold and Silver "Florist of the Year" at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show throughout Flowers Vasette's lifetime. Flowers Vasette has become a regular contributor to the ever-evolving flower industry.


Our store

An oasis for the senses, our store is a dreamland of colour and fragrance: a place that makes people happy. Walking into our store is to walk into a haven brimming with abundant displays of fresh flowers and foliage that transcends description. The overflowing variety of flowers and perfume provides a new and wonderful experience each visit.

We like to think our arrangements follow suit. Whatever the reason, theme or emotion, it gives all of us the greatest pleasure to collaborate with our customers for all occasions. We offer styling advice and expert guidance on the care of flowers and plants.

Open seven days.

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