At Flowers Vasette we understand the importance of every wedding day & delight in assisting you every step of the way to create memorable florals for your celebration whether it’s bouquets, boutonniere, ceremony & reception flowers or full venue floral styling.

We have compiled a series of our favourite Seasonal trends to help you select a theme that best reflects your own personal style.

Trend 1


Reminiscent of the iconic works by the Dutch Masters, the Still Life trend encapsulates an old world sense of opulent romance and rich, tonal beauty. Curated flowers and foliage are composed in an artful manner that allows hero blooms to create sculptural depth.


Tulips - Parrot Tulips - Cymbidium Orchids - Roses - Calla Lilies - Blushing Bride - Lisianthus - Hyacinth - Stocks - Snapdragons - Poppies- Peppercorn Berries - Sweet Pea - Geraldton Wax

Trend 2


Traditional yet chic layerings of classic white on white. Floral varieties in an array of tonal whites create the perfect accessory to every gown, even in the heart of Winter.


Tulips - Parrot Tulips - Roses - Blushing Bride - Lisianthus - Hyacinth - Stocks - Poppies - Phalaenopsis Orchids- Freesias - Anemones - Jonquils - Hippeastrums - Calla Lilies - Flannel Flower - Geraldton Wax- Canterbury Bells - Ranunculus

Trend 3


The effortless sophistication of classically romantic blooms artfully styled en masse. One singular flower variety in one colour tone creates an elegant statement in every setting.


Tulips - Parrot Tulips - Roses - Phalaenopsis Orchids - Anemones - Hippeastrums - Calla Lilies

Trend 4


Strong dark tonal hues reflect the depth of winter and create a stunning and dramatic contrast to the traditional white wedding. Working harmoniously with black and white this trend is the perfect accompaniment to a monochromatic wedding.


Heliborous - Roses - Cymbidium Orchids - Calla Lilies - Black Privet Berry - Double Tulips - Allspice - Amaranthus

Trend 5


Vintage ethereal beauty in relaxed tonal greens and whites. This understated colour palette and natural, organic style is the perfect balance to a highly intricate and detailed gown.


Hellebores - Roses - Phalaenopsis Orchids - Bouvardia - Tulips - Parrot Tulips - Silver Suede - Sweet Pea - Blushing Bride - Daisies - Stocks - Eucalyptus - Amaranthus - Peppercorn - Waterlilies - Lisianthus - White King Proteas - Ranunculus - Snapdragon

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