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The Striking Waratah


From a bold red beacon that blooms amidst a vast, shrubby field, to being the prime cut-stem of every on-trend native arrangement; Waratahs are a spring favourite, and one that we love.

They are the perfect flower to have in your home; in an entryway or atop a mantlepiece. With their season in full flush, Waratahs are proving a prime feature amongst nearly all native vase arrangements at Flowers Vasette.

This year has seen an incredibly high demand for Waratahs, encompassing a variety of styles. Waratahs en masse have been an incredible hit at Flowers Vasette, and a testament to the stunning simplicity of styling native florals unaccompanied. We are finding great joy in delivering these stunning blooms across Melbourne.

Waratahs make bringing the beauty of nature and spring indoors very easy, with their generously sized foliage and pin-cushioned flower-heads.

At Flowers Vasette, we always love to work with natives and we credit this to a variety of reasons.

Beyond being so easy to care for, with long-lasting cut stems that will become gorgeous dried flowers; native cut stems are glorious for the fact that they are, quite simply (and obviously), from Australia’s very own backyard.

Flowers Vasette take great pride in sourcing the best quality fresh produce that is available. We take even greater pride in knowing that the people who grow these incredible blooms (that we have the joy of creating with), are great people.

Let us introduce to your, our local Waratah grower, Karen. Whilst she’s much more than the horticulturalist of Melbourne’s finest Waratah blooms, she is first and foremost, the incredible supplier to Flowers Vasette.

Interestingly, Karen wears many different hats for Flowers Vasette. Working from her own farm near Olinda, she also assumes the role of property manager for our production farm and boutique getaway, Beechmont Garden Retreat.

These impressive, large and often glossy blooms provide an incredible injection of texture and form to the romantic spring florals that traditionally fill our gardens and vases. Whilst that is not to say that we do not relish in the splendour of springs pretties (sweet peas, lilacs, lily-of-the-valley…need the list go on?), Waratahs offer an architectural, fragrance-free and long-lasting floral option that really is different to the rest.

Order your Waratahs from Flowers Vasette to enjoy at home, or to send to someone special. Relish in the beauty and joy of spring and the bounties of the Australian backyard with Waratahs!